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it’ll all work out

sand2 358
i really need a better camera. or i just need to stop using my phone to take pics. they are just so grainy and faded and bleh. not fair. why??? it’s not my fault!
BUT NO! i was just looking back at my last few posts and the photos are of very lame quality. fer seers.

BUT! i am not in the mood to complain! imagine that!
it’s true!

i just went to the gym this morning, first thing. worked out while listening to my pandora station and reading silly subtitles on the morning news television screens.

sand2 365
trying out medium size because the full size pics show up ridiculously huge on this blog. you can click to enlarge
hi. this is me at work. slaving away over a hot stove.
for YOU!

sand2 412
this dress was too open armpit-y
i liked the way my boobs looked in it, tho.
and it had one of those bubble skirts that sort of tucks under.

sand2 380
i was at the doctor because i have an eye infucktion. hahahaha
no but it’s an allergic reaction, apparently.

sand2 392
i’m a special snowflake.
this dress would be fabulous if i were a size smaller or it were a size bigger. too bad, so sad. i love the look, tho. it’s just the top part that’s tight. maybe i could stretch it out. nah. i’m not gonna buy things unless i am totally certain. sometimes things look better in pics but don’t work when you are actually wearing it/them.

sand2 394
and this is my hair air-dried.

i like this trick of blurring out my face! it hides the no-makeup, eye allergy, bad lighting! yay!

sand2 408
this dress was really cute but i didn’t buy it… maybe because the bottom hem was all crooked but that probably could be fixed by a good ironing but i just have a feeling it would always become annoyingly wrinkled at the hem and have to be ironed. i could only choose three dresses. first i am showing you all the ones i did not choose.
reminiscing. i love trying on dresses at the thrift store.

sand2 406
this dress would be best as a house dress because it makes me feel fat.

i went to the gym first thing this morning tho… so, i feel a little less hopeless about being forty.

sand2 405
this is what i wore to the doctor yesterday morning.
i took it off as soon as i got home because it was too hot to wear jeans.

two of the dresses were so bad, i’m not going to show them to you. you’d thank me not to…. :-)

alright folks. well, that’s that, i guess.
in my next post i will be showing the WINNER dresses. the lucky dresses that made the cut. they’re cute and fun and fit very flatteringly. yay!


steady as she goes

sand2 1849
what’s more interesting than someone who is interested in you? right?
this dolphin is named Seabiscuit. was going to be Starflyer.
maybe its name is Seabiscuit Starflyer Snell. hahahHAHAHAHAHAH


is it ‘flier’ or ‘flyer’? i like ‘flyer’ better. it has more character.

sand2 1848
this picture is awesome.
if you don’t think so, it’s because you’re DUMB!
not jk

sand2 1847
this was at bf’s nephew’s house.
curiouser and curiouser.
AND there is an upside-down cross in this pic. totally unintentional and freAkY!
i know, right?
no wait, i already said that.
*beats dead horse*

sand2 1841
i bought this outfit. we are going to spend the night on a boat tomo

normally i would not say ‘tomo’
but my computer died (twice) while i was typing that sentence and i decided to just go with it. so to speak.

sand2 1838
if i had an orchard i’d work til i’m sore.

fleet foxes. the one that got away….

yep. bought that swimtop.

sand2 1836
anyway. it’s meant to be modest so as to be more versatile. perhaps bikini bottoms underneath.

sand2 1832
alllllllllrighty then.
i just ditched out on my neighbors.
not in a mean way.
just in an, i’m going back in to get something brb kind of not brb but i’m going to bed.
they’ll get over it, i’m sure.
they will all survive quite nicely without my ass.


sand2 1663
did not buy this taylor swift dress ($5.75 at thrift store) because it didn’t really fit right. so cute tho. would have bought it if it were cheaper. had a limited budget.
i picked out three dresses and one shirt.
twenty bucks out the door.
it was an indulgence.
haven’t bought anything indulgent in a while.
except maybe those one special chocolate chip cookies.
five bucks for those.

everything else is responsible spending. bills, gas, food, toiletries.