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tell me lies

sand2 338
wow my hair is ratty.
just trying on my new shirt.

sand2 341
no mascara, eyelashes not curled.
have you noticed how people just repeat themselves over and over over time? and they usually talk about only one main topic… whatever it is they are interested in. people just love to restate what they think. it gets really annoying to me, actually. even when i am the one doing it.

sand2 337
so i have to work a closing shift tonight. working til 11.
ughhhh. it’s so hard for me to get ‘into’ that. i am too old. it’s drudgery. i am not some young kid. OLD, i tell you!

sand2 329
i am having some trouble, as many women must, becoming sensitive about my aging. i see it. i feel it. i feel guilty and ashamed. i feel kind of unwanted, undesired, useless… more than ever before, because actually, i think i always felt that way but now it’s becoming harder to deny.

sand2 319
this is how i live. it’s chaos. i just hate cleaning. and i am poor. i can’t afford a pot to pee in.

sand2 307
i like my bangs pretty well though. they are almost perfect.

i love wearing my hair up in a bun. it feels so clean and tidy and unencumbered. having long thick hair has its problems, too.

sand2 283
okay, i really don’t have time for this. i have to curl my hair.

sand2 281
ok. well my hair is curled and i have to leave for work in about forty five minutes. i think i will have a quick caeser salad. have a nice time while i am slaving away. it would be nicer if i actually had some sort of rapport with any of the people with whom i work; but, there really isn’t much. they are all too young and all went to high school together and party together every night and on their days off. i’m not a part of that group.

my boss actually asked me if i would be interested in working on one of the days of my three days off. i considered it but that would make me on seven days in a row and i am really just not sure i care to do that.


doom wanted.

sand2 1927
while we were in alameda, we visited a boat museum.

sand2 1926
i didn’t wear any of the swimsuits or shorts i’d delusionally thought i’d be able to wear. did i already mention that? yes, i think i did. it was cold and overcast.

sand2 1925
i had to ring the bell a little.

sand2 1924
just hanging out on a ship, bro.
yo bro.

sand2 1922
on the way off.
we didn’t pay for the tour… just walked in to the entry area.

sand2 1920
today was ‘my saturday’ and i’ve been watching youtube vids about the illuminati and reading GLP. (conspiracy theories)….
i also cleaned up the house! not the bedroom, tho. that’s tomorrow.

sand2 1919
sorry all my pics are tall-wise. i prefer landscape… i mean… it’s just because of the way my blog is formatted. but whatever. who cares?

sand2 1918
you’re not supposed to take photos. phooey on that!

sand2 1917
today i was talking to one of my neighbors and he asked if my belly button goes in or out. he was asking if i am an introvert. why, yes, i am. thank you very much. thanks for noticing.

sand2 1916
number twelve.

sand2 1915
perspective shot.
i’m watching this movie with john cusack about edgar allen poe it’s pretty cool. not too bad. mildly entertaining and such.

sand2 1914
after tomorrow, my next two days at work are on salad bar.
i can do it!
it’ll be righteous.

actually salad bar is kinda hard but you just have to pretend it’s not and do your best. that’s all you can do. and opening is certainly better than closing!!

sand2 1913
USS Hornet.

sand2 1910
big boat.

sand2 1909
that’s about it as far as my last days off are concerned.

i feel okay about today.
i guess.
it ended up alright.

definitely a lazy day.
i took a nap and was really groggy when i woke up…
tomorrow i will do the rest of my laundry and try to figure out a way to get all of my clothes put into drawers and closets in a civilized manner.
sounds good.