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don’t be so hard on the beaver

sand2 691
today is such a beautiful day.
i live in a very beautiful area.
it’s great to be able to spend time outdoors.

sand2 690
so glad i’m off and just totally relaxing. yeah yeah yeah.

sand2 684
these first few pics are from the other day. i have new pics anxiously awaiting upload from today’s bike ride along the river.

sand2 683
look at this giant cracker. it’s actually matzoh bread.

sand2 682
i put butter on it.
butter is good for you. research it if you don’t believe me.

sand2 467
i don’t think i already posted this. it’s the convenience store across the street from my apartment.

sand2 675
this was from my first dinner with his family.

sand2 724
luckily i have a lifetime supply of sunscreen. we are both ‘gingers’ fair skinned. need it. he has freckles all over.

sand2 728
this gum is delicious.
we are watching charlie wilson’s war for the thrid time. it is seriously one of my boyfriend’s favorite movies. he is serious about it.

sand2 729
i got that adorable little metal dish for two cents at a yard sale.

sand2 730sand2 731
cool. who says pennies are worthless?

sand2 742
i just made us a delicious panini and we are watching my fair lady. my bf lovely love is an audrey hepburn fan.

sand2 715
i got a new mop, did i tell yoU?

alright then friends. time for a blogging break. love ya!


precarious perspective

sand2 744
a strongly scented gardenia.
somehow i lost it at the park.
someone must have snatched it up when i dropped it?

sand2 758
this is my bedtime snack.
well before-bedtime-blogging snack, that is.
i wish now that i’d’ve purchased the dill pickle sunflower seeds because these aren’t spicy. they don’t really taste like much more than salt.

sand2 734
i only had one day off after having worked seven days straight. i am working a closing shift tomorrow. then off sunday. such a crazy schedule. srsly. pretty soon you just grow to accept that this is where you spend most of your time. at work. and you just go with it.

sand2 753
another local rooster. there are never any hens. someone must take them somewhere. i haven’t researched it. i’m sure i could.

this one is like a little ragdoll. so cute.

ragamuffin rooster.

sand2 750
this is a great sign to see at the park.

sand2 747
i did not write this. it was just there.

sand2 743

sand2 738
my daughter painted this.

sand2 710
another concoction.

sand2 708
went to the river yesterday on my day off.

sand2 707
ew my hand is all veiny.
i have man-hands. i’ve accepted it.

sand2 705
sand2 704
kickin’ it old school.

sand2 702
sean gave me this. his father gave it to his mother back in the day.
i was so touched but i didn’t let him see me cry. i hid my face in the closet.

sand2 698
work’s been going well.
i’ve been having good days, just being productive and keeping busy. mindind my own business but also just being myself.
seems to be working out swimmingly.

sand2 695
just chillaxin’ as uje.
you know me.
haha, no.
actually, it’s somewhat unlike me. which is why i appreciate being happy SO much.

sand2 694
made myself this wonderful ham sandwich with all the fixins.
super good.
i hadn’t eaten much but fruit til that point and i was pretty hungry.

sand2 689
these geese were checkin’ us out. maybe we were on their beach. they were polite enough to let us have it, in the end. they hung nearby.

sand2 685
Sean gave me this gold watch necklace which also had belonged to his mother and is an antique with a story behind it.
so wonderful!
a treasure.

sand2 686
well, that’s all folks!

a WEEK since i blogged!

sand2 578
i literally don’t have time to blog, which is why i have not blogged.
it isn’t because i don’t care, because i do!!!!

why does my hair get all frizzy like this when i curl it?
i’m trying to see if it’s gotten any lighter since i dyed it or what color it is, exactly, because i really can’t tell.

sand2 525
finally, we’ve been able to start using the pool at my apartments.

sand2 526
i wear those shorts because i don’t have time to groom my bikini line. hahahahaha that is a funny phrase.

sand2 528sand2 529sand2 527
oh well, whatever, nevermind.

you know how sometimes someone gives you advice and you know it’s good advice but something in you says, “too bad, i’m gonna do what i want, instead of what makes most sense”

well, i don’t know what else i have to say about that.
it’s just weird.

sand2 554
this pool needs like copper sunshines and cool stuff on the walls. it’s like you’re in jail. but it’s fun. you feel like fewer pervs can stare at you this way. but whatever. people love to watch other people. that will probably never change.

i should offer to paint cool murals of mermaids and dolphins on the wall.

sand2 555
my toenails look like liquid hot magma.
it’s fluorescent orange topped with crimson crackle coat.

sand2 561
this picture is brought to you by perrier water and cheezits.

i look hella buff in this pic.
my body looks really good from some angles. others, not so much.

you win some, you lose some.

sand2 572
tomorrow my work ponytail will be perfect. today it was just out of control too curly at work. i don’t think anyone told me they liked it. someone told me it was too curly.

sand2 565
time to trim my bangs.
i’m watching Lonesome Dove right now. I’ve never watched it before. I like it. it’s like Deadwood before Deadwood.

who’d’a thunk it?

omg, i’m gonna be forty in like two weeks! panic suffocation midlife crisis alert!

sand2 514
evil breakfast i made for sean. ham and cheese omelet and fried potatoes. totally unhealthy. from now on, it’s smoothies and kale all the way! also i really need to just throw that pan in the dumpster.

sand2 523
throwing a load in the dryer before heading to the pool.

sand2 547
silky slippers.

house shoes as my grammie probably called them.

sand2 542

alright folks, i think we’re good here. now time to read my conspiracy theory stories and whatever else.