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pulling mussels from the shell

sand2 1338
i’m super p.o.’d right now because i can’t find my phone!
it’s on silent and the battery is almost dead and i need to charge it and use it for my alarm but it is gone!
my life is over!

sand2 1336
and so now i don’t feel sleepy. my sleep has been disturbed by this. luckily after work tomorrow i can come home and rest/sleep/nap. because i am not going to get enough sleep tonight. i don’t understand because i just got done setting my alarm! what the heck did i do with it!?!?!?

sand2 1337
halloween theme.

sand2 1339
i never used to like mussels, but now i do.

sand2 1341
lil crawdads.

sand2 1342
seafood’s alright. i don’t mind it. it’s not my favorite. it’s good, tho.

sand2 1344
he’s looking at you!

sand2 1331
this place is like, you know, a glorified red lobster. seafood for the masses. just a place to spend money to have people serve you in public. it’s fun. i’m always ‘outside looking in’, tho. it’s what i do.

sand2 1327
my PHOOOOOnnnnnnneeeee!
cry cry cry!

phone withdrawal syndrome.

sand2 1330
it was this chick’s birthday. she wanted to be dressed up as a ‘rock star’
she is probably 19.

sand2 1329
sun was going down?

sand2 1328
this is cool, but i don’t drink that stuff!
i’ve tried all the alcoholic beverages and my drink is red wine always and forever!
the end.


teach a troll to fish and …

sand2 1330
veggie taco.
i bought a big package of corn tortillas because i wanted something like either bread or crackers but corn tortillas seemed like the best deal. they last a long time and are pretty versatile, actually. most corn is probably gmo, these days. so i’m probably going to die soon.

sand2 1331
avocado, tomato, beans and cheese.

sand2 1334
breakfast tacos he made today.
it’s nice to be cooked for.
i love it.
who doesn’t, right?

that’s why we all go to restaurants twenty-four-seven.

fools rush in

sand2 083
i did not know this bridge and this river are within about a five minute walk from my apartment. pretty sweet.

sand2 084
i’m pretty stoked for summer, now! yeah!!! built in amazing entertainment. who needs two swimming pools? i have the river! just like in reno! yay!

and there are amazing awesome bike trails. i just need to put air in my tires and i’m off to the races!

sand2 087
the weather was perfect today. a small glimpse of things to come.

sand2 091
the requisite mirror shot. mirror within a mirror, this time. ooOooOoo

sand2 089
went for a ride in a pink jeep today.

sand2 093
went to a place called The Shady Lady. some say it’s a lesbian bar. that’s prolly just hype. it is an adorable little place, tho.

sand2 092
that bartender has got to be the lovechild of george clooney and …. george clooney? lol. he just looked a lot like george clooney.

sand2 094
in december a really cool chick from my work had her birthday party here. i was invited but i didn’t make it. i think i had to work late that night and be up early the next day. it was around christmas, too. a hectic time for many reasons.

sand2 096sand2 097
i forgot this digital camera of mine is kinda jacked up because i mistreated it way back when. dropped it a few times. sometimes it isn’t in focus and i think it has spots.

sand2 099
sand2 102sand2 104
the mussels and beer was fabulous!
best mussels i have ever had. i’m usually not a fan.
you dip the bread in the juices. so good.
after the bread was gone i used a straw to drink the rest of the sauce. tres gauche.

sand2 112
the shady lady herself. jk.

sand2 122
i saved the receipt and a napkin as souvenirs.

sand2 107sand2 108sand2 109
here are the real shady ladies.

sand2 110
sorry for another blurry pic.
i loved that wall with the mirrors and the deer heads and whatnot.

sand2 106sand2 105
bathroom posing.

sand2 129
this picture is horrible but also funny. so it goes.

sand2 128
i’m bad at having my picture taken. i get all awkward.

sand2 123
thorny thorns.

sand2 117
the pool looked very inviting today.

sand2 116
tryin’ to catch a few rays.