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it wasn’t me

i kind of want this hat.

oh wow, you can even tell i’d been crying all morning in this picture. i was sad because i am leaving some people to whom i am rather attached, now that i am moving. it is for a good cause, though.

omg this is the kind of stuff i eat when i have had too much wine and am really tired and stressed. linguica with lots of mustard, goat cheese, and grilled with butter.

breakfast yesterday. so delish. well, the hollandaise was great. to be honest, the rest of it was just ‘okay’.

only two more days of working at my ‘old’ job. then i am flying to missouri for a whirlwind trip to see my grandson being born.


golden globes

this weekend is street vibrations. not that i am particularly interested in that.

had to walk home through downtown while it was going on, after i’d been working and didn’t wear makeup and didn’t do my hair and was tired. not thrilled about it.

nice graffiti.

i think someone saw me taking a pic of it. they prolly thot, “what a slut!” kidding.

(attractive double chin there)
while walking through the crowd of bikers, a man said to me, “i like your atlases” (??) i am guessing he meant ‘globes’ ‘boobs’ ?? it was strange. i guess i have to expect it at street vibrations.

yeah. i didn’t really look very good yesterday. oh well.

the flip side

i am transferring to a new store in two weeks.
yay, me!

i ripped this out of a magazine because he is my boyfriend and i wanted to carry his picture with me so i could drool over it. haha. but then it started getting folded up and creased so i decided to leave it here for someone else to enjoy! ha.

had two of these yesterday and they were so delicious but i ended up having a headache for the rest of the day! sucks. i even took a nap and drank water and emergen-C and took an advil. still with the headache.

this evening may be preliminary pumpkin carving will begin. by that, i mean it is way too early to carve pumpkins but so what!

today SHOULD be a good day. the first day of the rest of my life. AND i am not CLOSING, which is always good.