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salami by the bay

sand2 878
sand2 883
aw, he’s so cute when he is trying to look stuff up on his phone. ;-)

sand2 884
headed to crissy field to catch the sunset.

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progression of sunset as it takes place. i wonder how many fotos of this bridge exist in the universe?

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san francisco is beautiful. i love it there.
i wish i could live there.

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this woman was catching crabs. there were quite a few people doing that.

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hopefully by the next time chris comes to visit i will have processed all of the photos from the first visit!

sand2 906
he’s a sweetheart.
thanks for coming to visit me, chris!!!!!
it was wonderful to meet you!!!!
love you!!!!!


life is bigger than you and you are not me

sand2 114
i don’t even want to type this, but i just uploaded pics from my camera to my laptop and then deleted the pics from my camera and turned it off, only to realize that they had not completed uploading? wtf!?
learning to let go. doesn’t do any good to dwell on things longer than a moment. be strong. carry on, as they say.

i was so looking forward to looking at those pics and using them on my blog.

don’t really feel inspired to take pics right now.

i was up at four AM.
i have ridden over thirty miles on my bike in the past few days.
uphill against the wind at all points, i swear. seemed like it.

i have a new neighbor or neighbors and
they are not nice and quiet and unassuming like my old neighbor, you hardly knew he was there.

they set up a little seating area on the balcony which we share. they sit there and smoke and chat at all hours and i can no longer keep the front window open because of it.

this apartment complex is a noisy place, at least my neighbors mostly kind of are.
i can live with it, i guess.

sand2 137
healthy brownies. need some caramel sauce on them!! haha.
would defeat the purps, you know.
the lime tofu mousse was quite delicious.

sand2 138
going thru old pics as a lazy last resort to blogging.
these are from when i first started back to work after my LOA.

sand2 157
this i’m not sure if i’ve blogged before.
i know it was my facebook banner/header/cover whatever yeah.

sand2 288
i just painted my nails copper.
tomorrow is my friday.

today i made traditional lasagna, spinach lasagna, and a bunch of turkey pot pies. it was kind of a training day for me.

sand2 364
now my neighbors are listening to some music but it’s more like they are blasting out their door for everyone else to hear.
at least it’s before 9pm.

sand2 423
life is repetition?

sand2 473
i’m really tired but i don’t want to go to sleep, just like a little kid.
too much fun to be had!?
i guess!
just not enough time to do what i really WANT to do.
all of it taken up by making money to survive.

sand2 474
i love stuffed animals.
i think they are good to have around just as pillows.

sand2 522
i am putting my hair in curlers. hey, why not, right?
why not.

i’m gonna go read GLP now. (lunatic fringe) ttyl

sand2 075
human beings are capable of a lot of amazingness. talent, skill, ability. dedication, loyalty… compassion.
sometimes i feel motivated other times i don’t.
i can’t honestly say my emotions haven’t dictated much of my life.
people tell me i think too much. they tell me i feel too much.

sand2 076
things take time.
i’ve always thought that i have ‘good timing’
being at the right place at the right time…
but, then again… who’m i kidding?
i don’t know shit!
my life has been nothing short of insane!
hasn’t it?
i mean, really. come on.

and sometimes i have failed to use proper body mechanics.
a lack of good self-care.
but sometimes i feel this desire to rebel. to do what i FEEL LIKE doing, gosh!

sand2 074
i’d say i’ve lived a lonely life.
tomorrow’s a big day for me, relatively speaking.
lots going on… a pivotal sort of day with regard to my future and how shit’s gonna be goin’ down.

we shall see!
that’s what i always say.
no matter what it is, i have to just do my best to Carrie on.

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