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thank you for your concern

right now i am putting dark brown henna on just the roots area, like the top four inches of my hair.
people might find that strange to do since red is so pretty why would i want to darken it? well. a few reasons. one: i have free henna which happens to be dark brown. i am too lazy and cheap to get a different one. but i also enjoy the look of dark roots fading to light tips so booyah. heheh. jk.

i dunno, it’s just something to do plus i have gray hairs and they bug me. i have actually pulled a few out, they are all curly and short and they stick out from my head. i’m gonna have einstein hair when i grow up. haha
i mean old.

i’ve been renting movies lately and not liking them and wondering why people put so much money into these movies and the movies just suck. blah. so what did i rent today? let me see…

oh yeah, a movie called Mangus. i remember now, i was feeling pressured at the redbox machine like the person behind me was scrutinizing my every move. i had to hurry up and pick somemthing so that is what i picked. it almost looked like it wasn’t going to play and i was going to be so so sad.

my back has been so jacked now for about a week. i mean, it’s always jacked but it’s way down in my pelvic area somewhere, i don’t know. in my hip. maybe it’s from moving. i hope it will settle down. it makes everything difficult except for lying down.

apparently this movie is aimed at ‘the gays’
well, it is!
i’m just saying.
time to rinse my hair and take a shower.
be back soon with more.

i just ate a huge burrito.
i cannot control myself around food.
i have a problem.


me and my shadow

i am the girl you know can’t look you in the eye….
the band.
for those of you who aren’t familiar i shall introduce you.

kurt cobain’s ex wife and baby-mama.
some people might need to be reminded.
like maybe my mom, lol.

not really.

look! i am daniel-san.

i am a horrible person. .
i just ate half a bag of tostitos hint of lime tortilla chips.
woe is me.

like a cow at the trough.

100% chance

see? it’s MY bridge. just kidding.

was going for a silhouette but got flash instead. that’s okay, tho.

this is taking ‘under the bridge’ to a whole notha level.