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vanity smurf

sand2 1298
i added some color to my hair yesterday. once again it’s a little darker than i want, but it will fade well. my bf didn’t notice this time. phewf.

here, now you can really make fun of me. i showed this video to my boyfriend (his name is Sean, if that makes you feel any better) and he laughed and said it reminded him of lily tomlin in her ‘and that’s the truth’ skits. haha.
awesome. apparently i am different in real life than i am on vids and in pics. duh.
but he said i am much better in person.

it’s probably because i get all stiff and tense and self-conscious when the camera is on. i’ve always been shy and awkward and had major stage fright, so it makes sense, really.

anyway, my videos really make him laugh, so that’s fun. now i might make some every day? it will probably get boring pretty quickly tho because i tend to say the same thing in every video. i’ll have to start coming up with creative ways to keep making him laugh, maybe.

sand2 1236
this is as skinny as i can look right now.

sand2 1244
this is before eye-makeup.

sand2 1253
and before hair curling, which ended up being a waste of time because it rained so my hair just turned frizzy and flat after about an hour of that.
don’t ask my what this pose is all about.
stork pose?

sand2 1256
getting ready to add mineral powder foundation for a matte finish. in the process of curling hair with hot rollers. i don’t have enough clippy things to hold the curlers in so i have to do it in sections.

sand2 1257
isn’t this exciting?

sand2 1258
this is what i did all day was get ready and then i probably just cleaned the house and took a nap. actually, that is what i did. not probably.

it was the only rainy day i’ve dealt with in quite some time. so i stayed in, mostly, other than doing laundry.

sand2 1288
wow, the eye-makeup is a big help.

sand2 1290
wow, i was being vain? or was i? yeah, i think so.

sand2 1291
a sheepish look. sometimes i have that bill cosby smirk. like the jello pudding pops.

well, folks. i’m as over this as you are. time to end it now. vanity post, OUT!


ding dong

christmas bells are ringing.
here i am at my sister’s door, ready to visit her happy family for the holidays!

her house is highly decorated. this is just one of the yard decorations. it looks like christmas disco house at night. flashing lights and music playing. festive!

she is further back from the camera than i, which makes her seem that much tinier than i am…. she is, however, much tinier, in any case… such is life. i can live with it, for now. might do something about it soon, tho.

here we were twenty years ago. crazy!!!! love my perm and her bangs are DOPE! lol.

we had way too much going on and we burned TWO sheets full of cookies. sad. but you just keep calm and carry on, as they say. RIGHT? what else can you do? go cry in a corner and say “I HATE making cookies”

me and my crazy pants. crazy socks. crazy shirt. just all around crazy!!!

i am considering this as a tattoo. i drew it on my arm with sharpies.

it’s all smeared now, tho. time to wash it off.

people on the bus today were saying i should be a hair model… because i curled my hair last night and it looks all pretty.
(btw, i think someone on the train just pooped their pants)

see? kathryn gave me that hair thingy. i was just thinking the other day that i wanted to try one of those things out. it looks pretty.

we kept on burning lots of stuff cuz we are just too HOT!

so, what have i learned from this visit?
well, i guess one thing i have learned is maybe to loosen up a little and let things go a little and be determined to have fun and focus more on the fun and less on the worrying so much.

tomorrow is a special day or maybe it’s just another day like any other. maybe it’s what you choose for it to be.

Swiss Miss

biscuits and gravy tour of the region.
as i said on facebook.
Hashbrowns get an A. Ham also an A. Eggs get a B. hollandaise: C-. Gravy C-. Bacon B. coffee: C. Biscuits a solid A.

a lady complimented my outfit and said I looked like I stepped out of Switzerland.

i guess jamba juice got to graffiti the sidewalks of this school.

which picture is more interesting?
i tried two ways of framing it.

insomnia tonight.
hey, it’s my saturday night. i’ll go with it.

a fantastic salad bar for lunch!

no dressing, just a little vinegar. the cottage cheese helps moisten it up. ew. that sounds gross if you think about it. actually, if you think about it, it seems very immature for me to type that at all.

those things that look like possibly meat are chunks of warm breadsticks. mmm.

i put the lemon in my water. i hate raw broccoli. it’s more medicine than food.

got this for ten bucks.

now i just need a hooded red cape!

we had free passes to go see The Possession a couple of nights ago and we got there in time and were in the line and then this guy comes out and announces that the only people who’d be getting in were the ones who got their passes through the radio, which ours were through the newspaper. so we left. :-(

oh crap. i forgot i have a doctor’s appointment in the morning. lame.

well, not lame… it’s good, but… i had forgotten so i didn’t think i had any obligations til after noon.

there were many awesome costumes for ten or twenty bucks at the thrift store yesterday.
i must go back.

this thing was amazing. all beaded. very warm to wear. wouldn’t be fun for an active time.
really cool, tho.

i could get this and some tights and legwarmers and go to the roller rink. awesome.

the good ship lollipop.

i wanted that wolf shirt, but didn’t get it.

woohoo. hot to trot, as my grandma would have said.

very velma.

haha. looks like something other than what is going on here. we were playing tug of war and fetch with his silly toy. grrrr.

pretty. and on clearance. forty bucks.

didn’t buy it.

this was at the art museum in the kids area. i went to that museum two days in a row. or maybe it was just twice in one week? something like that. everything’s a blur.

this salad was delish. warm peaches and warm goat cheese. mmmm.

these lamb cheeks were perfection.

this is my drawing i did at the art museum kid’s area.

creepy drawing.

it’s me and carl.

carl is not used to being incessantly photographed by my invisible paparazzi.

he is cooperative, tho. :-) and accommodating.

can you tell i’m wearing the wonderbra? they’re like torpedoes.

creepy photo, but my grammie used to have one of these dolls. hers had brown ringlets. it was so pretty. i loved the little teeth.

both my grandmothers were doll collectors.

i’d never tried fried green tomatoes before. they’re grrrreat!
for some reason i want to watch old nick at nite right now… like old black and white dennis the menace or donna reed.

carl needs to quit making me eat all this wonderful food! oh and that was a bacon waffle by the way.

i think this pic was from like a month ago. i have so many photos. this is the only time i’ve had a chance to post a bunch at a time. i know it’s way too many and nobody reads this, but that’s not the point.

yeah this is from way back in the archives. actually it was only a month ago, or so. when we met my old friend larry and went to the zoo and the conservatory and the windmills.

a new adventure is on the horizon for the end of september. some further travels for snellsnarlina. haha.

and it was all yellow.

i haven’t seen that tiger shirt in ages!!!!!

you can’t even see it in this pic but i know what i am talking about and that’s all that matters.

fun with filters.

okay this is officially ridiculous and i am going to bed.