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people are people

another fascinating video of me doing stuff and talking.

we have a $60 gift certificate to spend here. looking forward to it.


refrigerator engines

this was my April Fool outfit.
like, you know.
it’s not march anymore so
does that make sense?
it somehow does.

peep my toe shoes.
those pants are weird.
they are a size too big for me.

earlier i’d been wearing a really cool thai vest, but i got too warm from doing tai chi, which IS actually a workout, in case you thought it was just all namby pamby b.s.


i love these.

i am watching Anna Karenina right now. it’s not bad. not bad ‘tall.
i’m lovin’ it.

i am pretending this is my easter basket.
it’s a carryover from christmas..
a gift i’ve yet to open because i am savoring it.

now it’s in my new apartment’s bathroom looking all dapper.

it’s easter! let’s poison our kids with massive amounts of sugar!

how do you like my momshorts?

my stove still has no knobs. i am knobless!

can’t even figure out how to get pliers to do the trick.

the lamp’s from me mum.

not bad for a chronic book hoarder, eh?

homework time and thank-you-note-writing-for-birthday-gifts time.

lisa frank is the BOMBdiggity since the eighties YO
not gonna lie.

easter ringpop demonstration.
happy easter!
sugar bomb!

i wore these all day.
when my daughter saw them she said “you’re wearing swim shoes!”
and i said, “I know! Silly Mommy!”
because yes. yes, i am.


i wanna blog

this picture is practically perfection.
so beautiful.

i kind of love my new hipster doofus disguise.

the vest is too big for me but i think it gives the illusion that i’m much thinner than i am. at least it gives me that illusion and that’s what matters most in my world.

i don’t know how to work the television. there are too many remotes and machines. it’s too confusing! i want to re-watch the first episode of Deadwood, which we watched last night. i just want it on for atmosphere. but i don’t want to stress out over all of the complications of getting myself there. i must not want it bad enough, then, hey?

i am so sick of people saying “(i know) right?”
(shoots brains out of own head) JK!!!!

see? i’m pretty sure i can pretty much just totally slouch in this outfit and get away with it. not that i WANT to totally slouch, but i have a tendency to do so when my back hurts because i am HANDICAPPED!

i mean… handy-capable.

oh my Heavenly Father. Thank you for this bounty we are about to receive (and by ‘about to’ i mean ‘last night we HOOVERED these. jk)

oh delicious food, you make life worth living!

oh beautiful hamburger, you look equally delectable from every angle.

colonel angus came to town. lol.
i wonder when my bestest birthday present will arrive?
it should be here any day now. i can’t wait to show you!!!!

a great summer meal is corn on the cob and a salad.
and very filling, actually.
i prefer white corn and farm fresh, of course.

and balsamic vinaigrette and BUTTER and freshly ground sea salt and freshly ground pepper and digestive ENZYME supplements! because i’m old and they are the fountain of youth!

last night i made salsa. i like to make salsa. not fresh, COOKED. freshly cooked. then chilled overnight. i hope this one will turn out well, though, because i accidentally poured half a bottle of balsamic vinaigrette in the salsa. i only meant to add a splash but i was careless.