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gruntled and consolate

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ah, the high life. a life of leisure and luxury.
yep, that’s me.

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eatin’ s’mores and lovin’ it.

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i am one of these people (whoever they are? have you met one?) who needs to live a small life because i take in so much. i observe to a degree that is overwhelming to me. it takes me a long time to process things. i am an INTROVERT!

it’s biological.


it’s a fact. it’s actual. everything is satisfactual.

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burnt dead animal. yum!

why do i have insomnia? sadfasche

i can’t believe that barenaked ladies came out with chickety china, like, twenty years ago! okay maybe not twenty but it’s been a long time. my daughter is hearing it for the first time now… but it came out when my son was the same age as she is now.
so mind-boggling.

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hot dogs.

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like, how can one take oneself seriously when this is a mirror in thier front bathroom?


ding dong

christmas bells are ringing.
here i am at my sister’s door, ready to visit her happy family for the holidays!

her house is highly decorated. this is just one of the yard decorations. it looks like christmas disco house at night. flashing lights and music playing. festive!

she is further back from the camera than i, which makes her seem that much tinier than i am…. she is, however, much tinier, in any case… such is life. i can live with it, for now. might do something about it soon, tho.

here we were twenty years ago. crazy!!!! love my perm and her bangs are DOPE! lol.

we had way too much going on and we burned TWO sheets full of cookies. sad. but you just keep calm and carry on, as they say. RIGHT? what else can you do? go cry in a corner and say “I HATE making cookies”

me and my crazy pants. crazy socks. crazy shirt. just all around crazy!!!

i am considering this as a tattoo. i drew it on my arm with sharpies.

it’s all smeared now, tho. time to wash it off.

people on the bus today were saying i should be a hair model… because i curled my hair last night and it looks all pretty.
(btw, i think someone on the train just pooped their pants)

see? kathryn gave me that hair thingy. i was just thinking the other day that i wanted to try one of those things out. it looks pretty.

we kept on burning lots of stuff cuz we are just too HOT!

so, what have i learned from this visit?
well, i guess one thing i have learned is maybe to loosen up a little and let things go a little and be determined to have fun and focus more on the fun and less on the worrying so much.

tomorrow is a special day or maybe it’s just another day like any other. maybe it’s what you choose for it to be.

meow. these cats are at a fun age. barn cats from southern illinois.
i had a fun time ghost-hunting there.

i durno. i thought this was a picture that shows things about my family. where my face seems to look like it should?

i curled my hair last night and it turned into cowardly lion hair. weehee!

i’m enjoying the fact that it’s my ‘friday’ but i have split days off this week. that’s okay, tho. tomorrow will be a full day and then i work one day and am off again and THAT will be my ME-day. yay!!!!
i won’t wear this sweater today because it makes me feel fat.
and i’m not gonna lie, i’m in the worst shape of my life.
almost forty and feelin’ it.
since i have a car, now, i get way less REGULAR exercise and i really haven’t been working out regularly for months.
BUT things will definitely be improving now that i’m no longer working in the kitchen.
THAT is a killer. for the past year, tasting things every day being part of the JOB, day after day of tasting things like potato salad, egg salad, tuna salad, bacon (hey, quality control)
plus my biscuits and gravy tour of the past trimester hasn’t helped.

it had to be said.
but things are changing now.
change is a foot. haha.
is there something on the tip of my nose in this pic?
it’s something on the mirror.
that was a haunted hotel, we stayed in. the Bothwell.

tomorrow i am going to get laser hair removal on my chin. in order to do that, you are not allowed to pull out the hairs for one month prior. so i have been having to SHAVE MY CHIN! GROSS!!!!! i hate it! ugh.

five o’clock shadow, highly unpleasant. yes, i have facial hair. it’s part of life.

well, i should get ready for work.

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