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pulling mussels from the shell

sand2 1338
i’m super p.o.’d right now because i can’t find my phone!
it’s on silent and the battery is almost dead and i need to charge it and use it for my alarm but it is gone!
my life is over!

sand2 1336
and so now i don’t feel sleepy. my sleep has been disturbed by this. luckily after work tomorrow i can come home and rest/sleep/nap. because i am not going to get enough sleep tonight. i don’t understand because i just got done setting my alarm! what the heck did i do with it!?!?!?

sand2 1337
halloween theme.

sand2 1339
i never used to like mussels, but now i do.

sand2 1341
lil crawdads.

sand2 1342
seafood’s alright. i don’t mind it. it’s not my favorite. it’s good, tho.

sand2 1344
he’s looking at you!

sand2 1331
this place is like, you know, a glorified red lobster. seafood for the masses. just a place to spend money to have people serve you in public. it’s fun. i’m always ‘outside looking in’, tho. it’s what i do.

sand2 1327
my PHOOOOOnnnnnnneeeee!
cry cry cry!

phone withdrawal syndrome.

sand2 1330
it was this chick’s birthday. she wanted to be dressed up as a ‘rock star’
she is probably 19.

sand2 1329
sun was going down?

sand2 1328
this is cool, but i don’t drink that stuff!
i’ve tried all the alcoholic beverages and my drink is red wine always and forever!
the end.


gruntled and consolate

sand2 177
ah, the high life. a life of leisure and luxury.
yep, that’s me.

sand2 182
eatin’ s’mores and lovin’ it.

sand2 107
i am one of these people (whoever they are? have you met one?) who needs to live a small life because i take in so much. i observe to a degree that is overwhelming to me. it takes me a long time to process things. i am an INTROVERT!

it’s biological.


it’s a fact. it’s actual. everything is satisfactual.

sand2 139
burnt dead animal. yum!

why do i have insomnia? sadfasche

i can’t believe that barenaked ladies came out with chickety china, like, twenty years ago! okay maybe not twenty but it’s been a long time. my daughter is hearing it for the first time now… but it came out when my son was the same age as she is now.
so mind-boggling.

sand2 140
hot dogs.

sand2 175
like, how can one take oneself seriously when this is a mirror in thier front bathroom?