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it’ll all work out

sand2 358
i really need a better camera. or i just need to stop using my phone to take pics. they are just so grainy and faded and bleh. not fair. why??? it’s not my fault!
BUT NO! i was just looking back at my last few posts and the photos are of very lame quality. fer seers.

BUT! i am not in the mood to complain! imagine that!
it’s true!

i just went to the gym this morning, first thing. worked out while listening to my pandora station and reading silly subtitles on the morning news television screens.

sand2 365
trying out medium size because the full size pics show up ridiculously huge on this blog. you can click to enlarge
hi. this is me at work. slaving away over a hot stove.
for YOU!

sand2 412
this dress was too open armpit-y
i liked the way my boobs looked in it, tho.
and it had one of those bubble skirts that sort of tucks under.

sand2 380
i was at the doctor because i have an eye infucktion. hahahaha
no but it’s an allergic reaction, apparently.

sand2 392
i’m a special snowflake.
this dress would be fabulous if i were a size smaller or it were a size bigger. too bad, so sad. i love the look, tho. it’s just the top part that’s tight. maybe i could stretch it out. nah. i’m not gonna buy things unless i am totally certain. sometimes things look better in pics but don’t work when you are actually wearing it/them.

sand2 394
and this is my hair air-dried.

i like this trick of blurring out my face! it hides the no-makeup, eye allergy, bad lighting! yay!

sand2 408
this dress was really cute but i didn’t buy it… maybe because the bottom hem was all crooked but that probably could be fixed by a good ironing but i just have a feeling it would always become annoyingly wrinkled at the hem and have to be ironed. i could only choose three dresses. first i am showing you all the ones i did not choose.
reminiscing. i love trying on dresses at the thrift store.

sand2 406
this dress would be best as a house dress because it makes me feel fat.

i went to the gym first thing this morning tho… so, i feel a little less hopeless about being forty.

sand2 405
this is what i wore to the doctor yesterday morning.
i took it off as soon as i got home because it was too hot to wear jeans.

two of the dresses were so bad, i’m not going to show them to you. you’d thank me not to…. :-)

alright folks. well, that’s that, i guess.
in my next post i will be showing the WINNER dresses. the lucky dresses that made the cut. they’re cute and fun and fit very flatteringly. yay!


honk if you love yeshua

sand2 1707
sad thing is that i have to take all of this off tomorrow morning before i go into work. but i was just trying it out, anyway. i need nail glue to really get those things to stay on, otherwise they lift up around the edges. so cute tho.
or maybe some special really strong clear nail polish designed for such tasks.

sand2 1696
i had to catch a glimpse of who was driving this vehicle and it was a woman who seemed to be talking to herself like a crazy person. well, those who see a different ‘truth’ about society are gonna seem crazy. it’s the truth.

sand2 1701
there are so many things i’d buy if i had lots of money to just buy whatever.

sand2 1697
i’m watching one of my favorite movies right now. I Like Killing Flies. it’s a great documentary about this guy kenny shopsin who had a restaurant in greenwich village for 35+ years..

sand2 1702
i bought this for BF because he is a die-hard giants fan.

and his backpacks are always falling apart.
he usually uses these really awesome hiking type whatever backpacks from R.E.I. n shit. but whatever. this one’s cool for things and stuff.

sand2 1698
this womans whole ‘ish-ness’ was off.
the tattoos, the egyptian dress, the giant weird out of style bag, the embelleshed flip flops.
it wasn’t working for me.
and she was really out of shape. not that i have room to talk. i would say that someone probably thinks she is hot. guys are kind of easy.

sand2 1711sand2 1722
sean and i went to suzies
and had philly cheesesteak yumminess fries and a philly cheesesteak sandwitch. yum yum yum yum yum. i did not in any way plan to eat much at all but it was so good we didn’t stop til it was all gone.

sand2 1716
the sandwich was so hot(temperature) that it almost burned my tongue. i only took two bites. my fries were great but i only ate half. yum, tho. super dee duper.

sand2 1712
did not order a burger this time. will next time! i also want to try one of their hot dogs.

sand2 1713
i want to try one of their shakes. we will be going a second time.

sand2 1714sand2 1715
look at that crazy low-rider bike! right?
can’t go over very many sweet jumps with that thing.
flat riding all the way. this place used to be an old service station. i love the way they restored it and re-used the space.

sand2 1717sand2 1718sand2 1721sand2 1723
decadent for sure.

sand2 1724
well, i guess that’s the end of the current episode in the ongoing saga of eating at Suzie’s Burgers.

to be continued….

sand2 1726
what do we have here?
a white rabbit, perhaps? hmmm. curiouser and curiouser.

sand2 1730
more next time.
getting sleepy.
and hungry. not in that order. or both.

vanity smurf

sand2 1298
i added some color to my hair yesterday. once again it’s a little darker than i want, but it will fade well. my bf didn’t notice this time. phewf.

here, now you can really make fun of me. i showed this video to my boyfriend (his name is Sean, if that makes you feel any better) and he laughed and said it reminded him of lily tomlin in her ‘and that’s the truth’ skits. haha.
awesome. apparently i am different in real life than i am on vids and in pics. duh.
but he said i am much better in person.

it’s probably because i get all stiff and tense and self-conscious when the camera is on. i’ve always been shy and awkward and had major stage fright, so it makes sense, really.

anyway, my videos really make him laugh, so that’s fun. now i might make some every day? it will probably get boring pretty quickly tho because i tend to say the same thing in every video. i’ll have to start coming up with creative ways to keep making him laugh, maybe.

sand2 1236
this is as skinny as i can look right now.

sand2 1244
this is before eye-makeup.

sand2 1253
and before hair curling, which ended up being a waste of time because it rained so my hair just turned frizzy and flat after about an hour of that.
don’t ask my what this pose is all about.
stork pose?

sand2 1256
getting ready to add mineral powder foundation for a matte finish. in the process of curling hair with hot rollers. i don’t have enough clippy things to hold the curlers in so i have to do it in sections.

sand2 1257
isn’t this exciting?

sand2 1258
this is what i did all day was get ready and then i probably just cleaned the house and took a nap. actually, that is what i did. not probably.

it was the only rainy day i’ve dealt with in quite some time. so i stayed in, mostly, other than doing laundry.

sand2 1288
wow, the eye-makeup is a big help.

sand2 1290
wow, i was being vain? or was i? yeah, i think so.

sand2 1291
a sheepish look. sometimes i have that bill cosby smirk. like the jello pudding pops.

well, folks. i’m as over this as you are. time to end it now. vanity post, OUT!