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twinkle, twinkle little bat

treacle! treacle makes me happy.

on npr the other day they were talking about the controversy over some sort of vegemite shortage in new zealand! the horror! actually i think it was marmite. apparently they are IN NO WAY SIMILAR and it is offensive to even suggest such a thing.

we had pasties for lunch. miner food. they were filling and adequate but nothing to write home about, so to speak.

a lint brush and gravy mix from IKEA.

my expression reminds me of kurt cobain. haha

here i am demonstrating how one might use the lint roller while also holding a packet of gravy mix. and standing on a rock wall. haha.

i know! my nails are atrocious! i am appalled.

look what my laptop did the other day! pretty neat.
i was scared for a second that it would never be normal again.

chevy’s. more later i have to go


monday is my friday

more of me on the bike
i was trying to copy a pose i saw on a magazine cover.
that’s all i have to say right now.
i mean, i could say other things
i am trying to learn how to stand up for myself.
i am not going to let people get away with treating me in a disrespectful manner. or lie to me about what is disrespectful. i know. and no, i’m not talking about you. unless i know you irl.

lunch today! WINGS! the garlic parmesan were my favorite.

i did not like the sweet ones. asian?

i am supposed to go spend the night at my friend Gisela’s house tonight and we are supposed to go to San Francisco tomorrow.
i hope it all works out. i never trust in plans.

my phone takes SOOOOOOoooOoooooo long to send picture messages. i don’t understand it.

it’s totally ridiculous.

i am in a hurry! i have things to do, here!

seriously it takes like twenty minutes to send one photo and if someone texts me in the middle of the sending of the picture message, it takes like forty minutes
my phone gets confused easily.

today was the craziest day ever at work.
i promised myself to remain calm and positive because that is what santa would want.

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