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have a great day!

hey y’all. how’s it hangin’?


it’s always weird to me, never ceases to surprise me when what i see in the mirror is nothing like what comes out on camera! oh how we can delude ourselves?

cool cardboard kramer mad scientist with pepsis in his jacket.

the weather is spring-like today.

i’m drinking coffee and watching kung fu panda.
i thought it was hilarious that little garnish of sprouts. really?

also, interesting ‘toast’ there. i am particular about the degree of ‘toasting’ of my toast.

how do you LOSE an asian pear? i bought one yesterday and i lost it before ever having a chance to eat it.

it’s probably rolling around on the floor of the car somewhere.

this little bookstore was called beatnik books.
an awesome little find.

here’s me as a kid. ten? tom boy, yes. i never had long hair all through elementary school.


can’t trust that day

my doggy.

look at his tail wag!

his favorite spot to sleep. his new toy i bought him today.

tomorrow’s my monday, monday.

hmmm. fascinating.

this was tdf. too much salt, tho. i was puffy.
i’m probably dying. did i already say that?
sorry, being a debbie downer again.

this seems to cheapen Blythe, to me. it’s cute. but, meh.

i like it, but i’m not IN LIKE with it.

a close-up of the one blythe doll with forty pets.

she’s the one who looks most like moi.

needs hazel eyes, tho.

modern barb is a fashion model.

what is this, death cab(bage) for cutie? haha. it has a faux-hawk.
and nerd glasses.



i’ve been trying to get back into my old ‘whole body’ mentality and trying to remember to take all my supplements. especially since i have really been unpacking. in the last place i lived, i never really unpacked my boxes. i just put them in the garage and lived in denial about them.  i have SO much stuff and a lot of it is supplements and body care products from my last ‘job position’ in reno.

i am starting to use progesterone cream. i’m gonna try it out for the next two weeks before aunt flo comes to visit. we’ll see if that helps my rage-a-holism this month. it got kind of out of hand last month, mostly just at work.


i’ve been doing well since then because i am happier, now that i live in a better place and have a wonderful man in my life, plus a couple of really great friends. and a new-to-me car, now. things are looking up, for sure.

all the blossoms are out on the trees and that means time for carrie to sneeze. so i’m taking a Gaia Herbs supplement called Aller-Leaf.


ate this on haight. i’m still trying to use up all the pics i took in the city.


the bar.

okay now to the good stuff!


we ate at this wonderful place called the Alembic.



there was this guy sitting outside our window on the planter box. he was ‘sleeping’. our waitress went out and asked him to leave. she seemed pretty perturbed.



i could eat a whole jar of these! pickled quail eggs. yum yum!

i still have those little ‘skewer’ things in my purse. HA. i am weird like that. i hold onto strange little souvenirs and that is why i am a hoarder.


i had a drink which contained absinthe. it was good.



jerk spiced duck hearts with pickled pineapple. too good. gone in a flash!



and the bone marrow money shot! it was very fatty. is bone marrow fatty?

it was great.



that was all we had that time but we went back later for a hot dog.



a really yummy hot dog.


jason is a foodie, too. YAY!



one evening we found this wonderful situation of world class food carts called OFF THE GRID



def the place to be.



one of everything, please!



we had asian asada (my fave), roast duck, and wu shu char shui.

they were all wonderful but i think we were just totally over-stimulated by this point! i don’t know how bourdain and zimmern do it without getting burnt out and having everything start tasting the same.

i know bourdain starves himself before he goes on a shoot. like, he doesn’t eat until he does the scene. know what i mean?



i found these two tarot cards on the sidewalk while we were out walking.

i assumed they must have been a message to me from the universe.



that car is exactly what my first car was. an old BMW from the 1970’s. maybe it IS my old car?



i know i should smile when i am doing this but i usually feel really awkward and self-conscious when i am taking my picture in a public place like that, so it shows. heh.


so, that is pretty much all of the haight street adventure photos.

there might be a few stragglers coming up but not many.


onto something new, eh!?