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i need to find my hat

today was insanity!
and i am starting on my morning shift this week so i’ll have to be waking up crazy crazy early.

if i look like i’ve been crying in that picture, it’s cuz i was crying right before that. i spent the first fifteen minutes or so of my lunch crying. just lots of stress. seriously. all sorts of emotions and anxieties flying around. it’ll all settle down in a bit. the worst part is over.


in this version

this is in the break room at work.

the new department is a success!
i’m glad.
it’s a totally new experience. and i am growing and learning every minute. that’s great.

this is a weird picture.
chunky adam’s peanut butter.

oh no! tomorrow’s the employee art show! yipes. insanity.
i haven’t even communicated with anyone about it. i’ll just take in a few paintings tomorrow and see what happs. they will probably say, “NO, it is TOO late. You did not practice your due diligence.” and i will go to the corner and sulk.

here is the extent of my christmas decorating thus far this year.

just haven’t had the time. not to do things the way i want. maybe saturday? always borrowing time, stealing time, wasting time, wanting time, taking too much time!!! etcetera.

look! i bought vegetables, cut them up and made a soup! excite bike!

also i took pictures of the whole process and the results and every other thing possibly imaginable under the sun.

i saw the Squeeze In that’s in Truckee. you can see why it’s called that. it’s in a very narrow venue? whatever. it’s long and narrow like that there ‘shotgun house’ or whatever you wanna call it.

i love this game.
i love the imagery and the putting things in order.
it’s sort of like an ocd thing.

that’s something i am enjoying about my ‘new’ job.
i get to be totally ocd about arranging items on shelves and everything that involves. also the quick assimilation of a wealth of information and knowledge about so many things! yay! i love learning!

it rewlz. (i love that there are fried eggs in this version)

everything about my christmas shopping and preparation for christmas is essentially a complete failure and disaster so, yeah… there’s that.
i have never loved ‘planning’.
people who enjoy planning things confound me.

i don’t wanna be the one to say goodbye…

watching Marie Antoinette for the second time (really the first, because i didn’t pay attention the first time because i have to watch movies eight hundred times before i can pay attention, especially if it’s a good movie)

this movie is magnifique

heheheheh this picture is hilarious.

the pleasure is all mine. ;-)
what now?

oh, yes… don’t be jealous of my new shoes, cool as they may be, made in italy and all…. they make clicky clack noises when i walk. i do not like noisy shoes or noisy any apparel. i need to be sneaky and stealthy at all times.

i could LIVE off of kalamata olive bread, toasted, with butter. i am not kidding at all.