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hard candy christmas


what? no, they are just baked in a pot. that’s all. get your mind outta the …. gutter?

so to speak

the precious.
we wants it.


let your smile shine

forget you…

yes, i know, we vain human are always going, “but i hate that picture of me” but sometimes it’s the only picture you got and it means something more than ‘everyone looks perfect’
if you know what i am saying.
we make do.

i look tired because i am tired.
drove over 500 miles in two days.

i beg your pardon, i never promised you a rose garden.

yes, i look kind of horrible in this photo. it was taken from a low angle. life goes on.

i recently ordered two hours worth of maid service to clean my apartment.
can’t wait. spring cleaning. yay.

i borrowed those earrings from my grandma.

we played ‘Don’t Wake Daddy’

and mousetrap. but that is just building the mouse trap and then playing with it. the game itself seems like it would be insanely complicated and drawn out to play.

sometimes you just have to go out and have fun and not worry about how bad for you all the stuff is you are eating.

and just take a break, quit worrying about every little thing, if only for an hour.

looking forward to reading this!
maybe i’ll start tonight.

you broke all of your promises

i’ve been obsessing over food/nutrition again/lately.
this is cauliflower, miso broth, snap peas, roasted red peppers, brown rice noodles, nutritional yeast, turmeric, and i think a very small amount of coconut oil. threw in some kale chips just because i had them. also a little kelp salt.

yes, my apartment is messy.
old news.
over it.
(not over it, it’s a constant issue for me and shows that i am insane)

i just found out my blood type and i am very excited.
i mean, i knew what it was five years ago; but, had forgotten and wasn’t sure anymore. i am happy because i want to learn more about the Blood Type Diet and how it applies to me. also, i am reading Eat Right for your Genotype right now and am in the process of learning more about that, which is just more information than only Blood Type.
i just want to know what foods work well for me and which ones i really should avoid!
it’s the thing to do.

i have been eating miso like it’s going out of style.
it’s a fad for me right now.

i really am aiming at a vegetarian diet.
interested in macrobiotic diet.

i actually pretty much hated that outfit yesterday.
that shirt isn’t right for me and well, the vest isn’t perfect, but it can be cozy and comfy. it’s supposed to be belted but i don’t like to wear belts because it draws attention to my humpback deformed scoliosis spine. :-(

so my blood type is B negative, rh negative.

for the genotype diet you have to look at fingerprints, leg to torso ratio, spatulation of teeth…. buncha stuff like that. lengths of ring finger and index… and general levels of symmetry.