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nothing to show for it

sand2 020
omg i am so hungry right now.
i should take my vitamins and drink a bunch of water with them. that should help. having three days off helped me lose some weight, i think.

sand2 058
my hair is getting lighter. thank goodness.
will never accidentally dye it brown again.

sand2 061
i was trying to see if it looked good kind of ombre. but i didn’t like it so i ended up putting more dye on the top part. (not shown)

i was just checking the color.

well, three day weekend is over. time to head back to work. this is one of those times when i really don’t mind going to work. :-) i had enough down time in solitary confinement.


vanity smurf

sand2 1298
i added some color to my hair yesterday. once again it’s a little darker than i want, but it will fade well. my bf didn’t notice this time. phewf.

here, now you can really make fun of me. i showed this video to my boyfriend (his name is Sean, if that makes you feel any better) and he laughed and said it reminded him of lily tomlin in her ‘and that’s the truth’ skits. haha.
awesome. apparently i am different in real life than i am on vids and in pics. duh.
but he said i am much better in person.

it’s probably because i get all stiff and tense and self-conscious when the camera is on. i’ve always been shy and awkward and had major stage fright, so it makes sense, really.

anyway, my videos really make him laugh, so that’s fun. now i might make some every day? it will probably get boring pretty quickly tho because i tend to say the same thing in every video. i’ll have to start coming up with creative ways to keep making him laugh, maybe.

sand2 1236
this is as skinny as i can look right now.

sand2 1244
this is before eye-makeup.

sand2 1253
and before hair curling, which ended up being a waste of time because it rained so my hair just turned frizzy and flat after about an hour of that.
don’t ask my what this pose is all about.
stork pose?

sand2 1256
getting ready to add mineral powder foundation for a matte finish. in the process of curling hair with hot rollers. i don’t have enough clippy things to hold the curlers in so i have to do it in sections.

sand2 1257
isn’t this exciting?

sand2 1258
this is what i did all day was get ready and then i probably just cleaned the house and took a nap. actually, that is what i did. not probably.

it was the only rainy day i’ve dealt with in quite some time. so i stayed in, mostly, other than doing laundry.

sand2 1288
wow, the eye-makeup is a big help.

sand2 1290
wow, i was being vain? or was i? yeah, i think so.

sand2 1291
a sheepish look. sometimes i have that bill cosby smirk. like the jello pudding pops.

well, folks. i’m as over this as you are. time to end it now. vanity post, OUT!

… unexplained footsteps …

i made turkey bacon and pancakes, like i said i would.

and an egg for myself and one egg for my mother.


what a lovely iris.

remind me of my grandma.

my mom’s kitchen.
the grey jeans make me look skinnier than these jeans but these are super comfy. so are the greys.

tired of the nirvana shirt yet? yes.

now i want more/other nirvana shirts.

see how they have sort of a fleur d’elyse pattern?
this was before makeup. don’t look at my face! sometimes i am not photogenic. cuter in person.

my daughter made this for me. she put my name on there after i took the pic because it was a surprise!

the only ones we don’t have are the reader/bookworm/nerd and the guitar player.

right now i am watching ghost adventures, which i only enjoy watching by myself because it isn’t as fun when anyone else is watching with me because they don’t GET IT!!!!!

swingin on a star.

right now, my new tattoo is like when after you have a burn and the blister or dead skin peels off and then you have that new pink skin that is kinda wrinkly? it feels good. we’re pulling thru.

my dog did not get any of this kraft dinner. sorry, taco bell!

i don’t remember the cheese powder ever being so brown.
but it was delicious.
a cool trick is lemon pepper a bit of crushed red pepper and a bit of lemon juice with salt. yeahhhhh.

made with nonfat milk, too… just for you.

actually, i personally disagree with nonfat milk or lowfat dairy products, in general. go fat or go home!

honey boo boo would never eat any of that lowfat crap!

my daughter picked out this polish.

i ended up taking this sticker off.

i made salmon patties in honor of my square pants.
*inside joke with myself*

my sister bought these and they are SOOOO good.

throwback thursday on saturday night.
my hair was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pretty. natural color there.
my grandma is no longer living.
i miss her.

i can tell she is trying to make sure i am doing a good job writing on that cake. aw.

today was pretty good. pretty decent.

i tell my team of therapists everything.
no stone is left un-turned.
i have talked to her about YOU!!!!!!