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stop thinking

sand2 1022
i actually enjoyed riding the megabus to san francisco and would recommend it to everyone as a cheap and relatively stress-free way of getting to the city and back.
i’m for it.

cramped quarters, to be sure, but on my way back i didn’t have to share a seat at all.
that’s good because i was probably farting.

sand2 1166
curled my hair during a nap that day. took a pic in the sunshine.

sand2 1048
this is a a symbol for my life.

sand2 1116
here is a rat.

sand2 1074
early morning walk

sand2 1075
i’m sorry that i am a jerk sometimes.

sand2 1076
this tree is kind of unreal, don’t you think?

sand2 1078sand2 1077
apple… beetle….?

sand2 1068

sand2 1071
we kept seeing empty pairs of shoes everywhere and started to think it was the rapture.

sand2 1072
never a dull moment in the city.

sand2 1073
just a chair on the sidewalk.
i’ve always kind of wanted one of those minibike vespa-y things.

sand2 1067
i might get one of these coloring books for my coloring book collection.

sand2 1066
words of wisdom.

sand2 1065sand2 1064
something interesting and meaningful on every inch of haight street.

sand2 1063
cool place. i think i had breakfast there once.

sand2 1062
it’s amazing how long it’s taking to get thru all of my SF pics.
what with real life and all… sometimes it is hard to have the energy for blogging.

sand2 1061
what begins with e?
elephants elongated effleurage?

sand2 1059
this is me.
regrets. i have a few.

sand2 1058
good to know.

sand2 1055
this was at the spinnaker.




i used to have so many things. many things i know not where they are now.

it’s gonna be a multiple blog post day.


my awesome new ring! so cool!


chocolate-covered Twinkie, anyone?

miss piggy. i’m gonna get a tattoo of miss piggy on my arm. and kermie on the other.

the macadamia nut brittle was quite a sight.

these are designer denim cut-offs. they look cuter when i roll them up once. quite flattering. walking around out in the world, i see a lot of young ‘hotties’ wearing ridiculously ‘sexy’ cut-off shorts. it bugs me.

i bought this sofa the other day.

i needed more back support and a situation which was more conducive to comfort. yesterday, i additionally purchased a big owl covered cushion for even more support for my poor back.

the christmas store.
i am not very good at taking pics with my iphone.

the other day, i went to the gym and got on a machine and then i realized i was wearing flip flops!!! i forgot to change my shoes. too funny. nobody said anything and i didn’t feel like going back out to my car to change my shoes, so i just went with it. it’s not like you really need athletic shoes to do an eliptical or a treadmill.

thank you for the flowers, carl.
flowers never last very long in this hot weather. even tho we run the a/c… when we’re not home we don’t keep it super chilled in the house, so… the flowers wilt quickly. sad. i’ll be so glad when summer is over. i don’t like being hot and sweaty. i’m of Nordic descent, i believe. my ancestors came from the arctic tundra or some shit.

i’m like a delicate flower in the heat.