Category: angst

gruntled and consolate

sand2 177
ah, the high life. a life of leisure and luxury.
yep, that’s me.

sand2 182
eatin’ s’mores and lovin’ it.

sand2 107
i am one of these people (whoever they are? have you met one?) who needs to live a small life because i take in so much. i observe to a degree that is overwhelming to me. it takes me a long time to process things. i am an INTROVERT!

it’s biological.


it’s a fact. it’s actual. everything is satisfactual.

sand2 139
burnt dead animal. yum!

why do i have insomnia? sadfasche

i can’t believe that barenaked ladies came out with chickety china, like, twenty years ago! okay maybe not twenty but it’s been a long time. my daughter is hearing it for the first time now… but it came out when my son was the same age as she is now.
so mind-boggling.

sand2 140
hot dogs.

sand2 175
like, how can one take oneself seriously when this is a mirror in thier front bathroom?


nothing but nice

sand2 1687
this dress was made in hawaii.

today i tried to make my hair more red/less brown and it is still mostly brown. it’s just so much darker than my real hair color.

there is a pool right outside my window and i never go in it.
i think it’s because i’m just depressed?
i don’t know.
it seems i am not a very joyful person.
debbie downer, for sure.

i have some library books that i checked out and never read and now they are overdue and i don’t want to return them. that is something i’ve done for my entire library book career.

sand2 1680
i want this one too, so cute. normally i would not wear this out in public, tho. i’m a scaredy cat. too shy and demure.

sand2 1685
it’s really not that slutty. probably it is gone by now. i shouldn’t be spending money anyway.

sand2 1677
i came very close to buying this then decided to eliminate one item and it was this one.
oh well, there will be other times and other dresses

sand2 1675
cool hippy dress. easy and breezy.

sand2 1623
i stayed home from work today because i wasn’t feeling well.
(these pics are not from today, today i slept and sat on the couch all day, feeling yuk)

sand2 1708
i never eat laffy taffy, but this day, i did.

sand2 1617
my crazypants stuffed animal collection. actually, only two of these are mine. the rest are my daughter’s.

let’s see

sand2 930
today is my last day of being in my thirties.
my last day of being 39!

sand2 966
i’m glad it was white cake with white frosting and pastel rainbow sprinkles. i also love that one icing with little confetti balls in it.
delightfully sinful.

sand2 945sand2 943
speaking of pastels.

this was on my daughter’s last day of school.
we set out lots of chalk for the kids to draw stuff.

sand2 946sand2 947
i did the arranging and the lettering. woohoo!

sand2 948
also bubbles. (which i did not set up, only chalk).

sand2 949
oh my. what pretty sweets. sweet, evil delights. poison!! into the mouths of babes. but so delicious.

sand2 950
pretty pretty. nibble nibble little mouse.

sand2 981
here is an out-of-context pic of me at the nursery today.
i wore the same outfit yesterday, tho… but started out with diff shoes and had braids and a hat.

i am sure you care and right now i am eating beets.

sand2 979
this nailpolish color is named ‘penny’

i have to go . ttyl
happy birthday
makes you sick when you o.d. on it.