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sand2 1368
panda express says bamboo shares are up!?

i have no idea what i’m talking about.

sand2 1369
this guy, carlos, at my work likes to give people nicknames.
one of the nicknames he has given to someone is “panda express”
it’s cute. so the guy always talks about bamboo. lots of little inside jokes.

but now bamboo makes me think of that.

just like how ricky martin was in one of the pics in my last post? well, one of the nicknames carlos has for someone at my work is ‘ricky martin’….

sand2 1355
i got a ton of these for free from work and i feed them to my STINKY STINKY rats!
hopin it will help them be less stinky.
probably it’s not working very well.


walkin’ the dog

sand2 1277
i barely got any good pics of myself. i never do anymore because i am a hideous beastly thing!

sand2 1292
cool creepy twin dolls. want them.

sand2 1295
my front door right now. creeeeeepy!

sand2 1300
tut tut. it looks like rain.

I NEED this umbrella skeleton!
E.T. Phone Home!

sand2 1301
nice picture, dork! (me, i’m talking about myself. obviously)
i must do something different with my eyeliner. i hate to have to say it but this does not work. i need a new line.
i’m gonna go more horizontal and less ‘cat’

i have droopy eyelids, hooded. so…. yeah.

sand2 1304
apparently reginald disagrees.

sand2 1305
definitely not three.

sand2 1306
and upon closer inspection….

sand2 1298
this pizza was really good while it was hot….
the next day it was not good at all!
no cheeese!
too much bread.
when i chose one half of the pizza to be louisiana hot links with a green chili sauce the worker person said “nobody ever orders that”
i enjoyed it.
but i could do it better!
with better dough/crust!
that is what it is alllllllllll about!

that’s the way you do it

sand2 1084
oh yeah, this is a drawing while it was in progress at work.
it’s much better now.
still unfinished.
it’s not MY drawring, just to make that clear.
it’s by a guy named Phil who is ultra-talented.

i have to run. the grammar police are hot on my trail.

sand2 1167
’nuff said.

sand2 1171
i just watched this movie called Scenic Route, which is like a road trip movie about two dudes, kinda like Due Date. the movie seems stereotypical …. until!!!!!….
duhn duhn dunnnnn!!!!!

not gonna tell ya!