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sea urchins or street urchins?

hi there.
i am having a long drawn-out weekend. (MY weekend) of doing pretty much nothin!

i DID do the dishes and straighten up the livingroom. maybe soon i will put away all of my CLOTHES which are strewn about (albeit CLEAN) my bedroom.

and i’m watching Scrooged. :-) great movie.

life is so poignant, isn’t it? haven’t you found?
i’ve been all emo lately. crying at the drop of a hat.
well, not a literal hat drop.
but, you know.

it’s been so COLD lately. (cold snap) …. so i’ve been indulging in blankets, beanies, scarves, warm puffy vests, fuzzy socks and hot cocoa. it’s fabulous. hibernation time!

look! another avatar for me!
she’s the cutest.
it’s my new phacebook foto.

do you understand PEOPLE?
i don’t.
but i think in the awareness that i DON’T understand them, i DO!
makes sense, right?

i’ve got to read this. i’ve flipped thru and skimmed. it’s GREAT!!!! and the beet theme matches my tattoo, too! it is MY book. a gift from my dear dear friend dunkin.

i’m working closing shifts for the next three days at work and i have decided that if i pretend like i think it is awesome that other chicks will get jealous (haha) like little kids who only want to play with the toy that someone else has. it’s gonna work! and it will keep me entertained to imagine it. so hey. why not?

everything’s alright, yes everything’s fine….


walkin’ the dog

sand2 1277
i barely got any good pics of myself. i never do anymore because i am a hideous beastly thing!

sand2 1292
cool creepy twin dolls. want them.

sand2 1295
my front door right now. creeeeeepy!

sand2 1300
tut tut. it looks like rain.

I NEED this umbrella skeleton!
E.T. Phone Home!

sand2 1301
nice picture, dork! (me, i’m talking about myself. obviously)
i must do something different with my eyeliner. i hate to have to say it but this does not work. i need a new line.
i’m gonna go more horizontal and less ‘cat’

i have droopy eyelids, hooded. so…. yeah.

sand2 1304
apparently reginald disagrees.

sand2 1305
definitely not three.

sand2 1306
and upon closer inspection….

sand2 1298
this pizza was really good while it was hot….
the next day it was not good at all!
no cheeese!
too much bread.
when i chose one half of the pizza to be louisiana hot links with a green chili sauce the worker person said “nobody ever orders that”
i enjoyed it.
but i could do it better!
with better dough/crust!
that is what it is alllllllllll about!

the age of enlightenment

sand2 446
so then i painted a blue sky arching over the yellow now-sunsets/moons of my nails. next come orange sun rays. et voila! a sunset (not pictured)

sand2 440
it’s hot here, lately.
still warm outside.
SOOOoooo looking forward to autumn.


i did not go to the gym today! tomorrow after work! going!

it’s always much better when i do!