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kardashian socks

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something of a tragedy has happened to a friend of mine… he lost his habitat in a fire. that’s all i know. so sad, tho. i think he is doing okay, but i am worried about him a little but i also have faith that he is strong and will do well handling it. but i have had my dwelling space razed in a fire/// once in my life and it’s a hardship.
i definitely feel for him.

definitely a huge loss of a really cool collection of stuff. i love my friend and i hope he is doing okay in this crazy tough time. i know he has a lot of suppport and the most important thing is that nobody was severely injured.

so my poison oak rash is clearing up. now all the old skin is mostly peeled off and only my arms itch a little… it’s great to be getting better. :-)

i almost bought those duck dynasty band aids but there was a better deal on just plain band aids, so i took it. on a budget, here.


i liked them before they were a thing. just like all cool stuff.
i’m an early adopter. not really.
i’m a late adopter.
is that cool?

okay, i need to get these fotos sorted. they’re kinda random.
this was a grocery store deli somewhere in valencia, ca.
from when i was visiting mi hermana!

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right now i’m watching Girl Most Likely starring Kristen Wiig.

i love it.
can totally relate! it’s about me. okay, i’ll stop.

today i made soup.

anyway, later on i will post about my gym experiences.

also today i made cranberry sauce from scratch!


smell ya later

today was filled with learning experiences.
i learned life lessons.
now i sound like the bling ring.

i will now listen to this and drift off to sleepy.

get busy dying

my phone doesn’t save instagram pics to itself automatically and i have been thoughtless and lazy by not transferring them somehow to my blog. who has time? i’m pulled in millions of directions, aren’t you?


right now i am watching the movie Warm Bodies for the third time. it’s because i never pay attention to movies. i like it that way, so i am not complaining. but this morning i am paying attention more than i was last night and i am digging it, even tho my friend robert says it was no good. it’s good!

i’m in love, obviously. ;-)

he took this amazingly awesome photo. also the one above of me in front of the bridge. great photo!!!

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ocean beach, SF. always a plej.

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we didn’t get a chance to check out this camera obscura… but we wanted to!!

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i got that sunhat at goodwill before we went to the beach. i am a redhead. it’s a necessity. four bucks to save me from being burnt to a crisp.

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i had the time of my life.
and i’ve never felt this way before.
and i swear
it’s the truuuuuth.
and i owe it all to youuuuuuuu.

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such a lovely day.

this is us.

sand2 972
this little guy just came right up to us and sat right down next to me. it was sooooo cute!
magical moments everywhere that weekend.

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it was a lovely day. a lovely night. a lovely sunset.

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he’s just perfect.

sand2 967

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after the sunset, we went out for oysters at the spinnaker in sausalito. (a sentence built solely of prepositional phrases)
i was boring and opted out of stopping by a cool bar for some pool.
maybe another time. ;-)

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“every great thing starts out a little scary, doesn’t it?” –Warm Bodies
i love that movie!!!!

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some sort of photo shoot, as you can see.
how romantic.

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i guess there can never be too many pictures of this. right?

each one is beautiful and unique. i’m sure bob ross would agree.

a happy little snowflake.