a cruel mistress

today was a good day. what was going on astrologically? somethin.

omg i am so sleepy right now. too early to go to sleep tho!


this was yesterday. i didn’t go to the gym today. i should have, though.

had lunch today with an old friend. someone i hadn’t seen in around twelve years!?
amazing. like time travel, kinda….
it’s weird to be around someone again after that long and to feel kind of the same around them even tho so much has changed…

look at all of the awesome sauce!

we were driving up a hill and this skateboarder asked if he could hold onto the back of the truck on the way up. haha! funny!

that sad serious look is just how my face is constructed! it’s ALWAYS been like that!!!
sorry to get excited. it’s actually just funny to me.
there are photos of me at six or seven with that exact same face. probably even earlier ones.

what is this for?
an omelet? it makes little sense.

there are the skateboarders again. they liked it that i was taking their pic.

for some reason, it annoys me whenever i see all these women wearing knee high boots with leggings. it just seems too obvious, to me. too common.

made three meals out of these nachos. fed me for a day! eight bucks. they were delicous.

we went to the river and watched the salmon run. some of them are dead, of course. but others weren’t, yet. i poked at this one with a stick. flipped it over and poked the other eye out. i know, i am twisted. but i had to stop messing with the fish, for fear i would splash some of its death and decay onto myself. gross.

so my friend says i look good for my age. guys love to tell me that! yes, i’m forty. don’t get me started about how old i feel! hint: old.


One comment

  1. Amie Davies

    I’m 100 percent okay with common when it’s that comfortable. I keep wishing for those stirrup legging pants with the giant oversized shirts to come back. Yikes, but true! Also, now I want nachos. And I’m old, but somehow still 13 at the same time. Life is some strange stuff.

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