cakewalk into town

i just love that song. taj mahal is great.

sand2 586
today i am actually finally in the mood to ‘tidy up’ around my apartment. my aura is allowed to expand, now. my space is not being invaded. i tend to enjoy having my own space a lot. i need it.

sand2 588
i am going to be buying a car by the end of this week.
that’s pretty cool, actually.

sand2 607
and she will be MINE all MINE!!!!!
i will hang IKEA fuzzy hearts from the rear-view mirror.

i don’t like car shopping tho. actually i’ve never really done it or given it much thought. i am an impulsive kind of person. i will just buy the first car i see.
so i have to get advice from more knowledgeable experienced car buying folks.

i am told you can only buy certain cars… i guess that means used cars… old cars… cars you can get on craigslist for a couple grand.

toyota tercel, corolla or camry. ford focus, escort or taurus. nissan sentra or altima.

psh. i am not sure that can be a blanket statement of truth. but what do i know?

sand2 590
i’ve got cold hard cash, ready to go.

sand2 611
i can’t wait til summer is over. we all have to mention this, right? i’m not a big summer person. i think my ancestors are from the nordic tundra. i prefer cold weather to hot any day of the week. or month of the year. come on, October! Bring it!

sand2 525
i took my daughter to a birthday party of one of her fellow daisies. it was really cool and fun. an honor and a privilege. that word is hard to remember how to spell.

sand2 596
i found this shirt in the trash in the laundry room of my apartments. it still had a tag on it from the thrift store. weird. there was a bunch of other stuff in there too. my daughter got an adorable pair of boots which are a little too big, which is perfect!

sand2 571
the sky off my front porch the other evening.
everyone loves the sky, clouds, sunsets. if you don’t then phooey on you!

sand2 570
my eyes are still irritated. i don’t know what is up with them. i used to never wash my makeup off at night but now i can’t do that without waking up with my eyes all swollen red and irritated all around the outside. not my eyeballs.

back to taking the prednisone and antihistamine eyedrops.

whenever i don’t work, i don’t eat food at all until after noon. it’s weird and unhealthy, i know but for some reason i just don’t want to eat. normally i am always hungry. i don’t know what it is exactly. i just want to deprive myself? no, i think it’s actually that when i am eating, i work to pay myself back for the fact that i have to work and i don’t want to. when i am not working, i am trying to build up energy in the morning so i am not just a complete sloth for the entire day.

i drink coffee and don’t eat, hoping it will motivate me to get stuff done.
it kinda works. but then i just get too hungry to function and am forced to eat and then i feel much better.


One comment

  1. highplainsgrifter

    Cool song! #tuba

    I saw Taj Mahal live once. September 1984. Nollen Plaza, Des Moines, Iowa. N-Bob and I ditched school to attend a Walter Mondale rally. Taj Mahal was the warm-up act.

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