sand2 423
oooh. artsy!

sand2 417
mmmm. delicious pepperoni pizza. how i love thee! except i wish you made me magically skinny instead of the reverse!!!!

sand2 419
eye mask and hair curlers. hawt.
i love the mask. i washed it so i would not re-allergize my eyes, just in case.

sand2 427
i still have this little bunny from when i went geocaching a year ago. two years? i lose track of time. i love the little guy. isn’t it funny the objects you don’t lose and the objects you do? for some reason this bunny sticks around.

and i have the tennis racket because i just think vintage rackets are cool. dunno if there is special significance to that.

sand2 428
i love this little vintage rainbow brite sprite. xoxo
i also love that ikea pillow case. what the heck are those dots? disembodied beards? ticks? blood splats? bedbugs?

sand2 432
i wore this to go to the used bookstore today.

sand2 435


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