vanity smurf

sand2 1298
i added some color to my hair yesterday. once again it’s a little darker than i want, but it will fade well. my bf didn’t notice this time. phewf.

here, now you can really make fun of me. i showed this video to my boyfriend (his name is Sean, if that makes you feel any better) and he laughed and said it reminded him of lily tomlin in her ‘and that’s the truth’ skits. haha.
awesome. apparently i am different in real life than i am on vids and in pics. duh.
but he said i am much better in person.

it’s probably because i get all stiff and tense and self-conscious when the camera is on. i’ve always been shy and awkward and had major stage fright, so it makes sense, really.

anyway, my videos really make him laugh, so that’s fun. now i might make some every day? it will probably get boring pretty quickly tho because i tend to say the same thing in every video. i’ll have to start coming up with creative ways to keep making him laugh, maybe.

sand2 1236
this is as skinny as i can look right now.

sand2 1244
this is before eye-makeup.

sand2 1253
and before hair curling, which ended up being a waste of time because it rained so my hair just turned frizzy and flat after about an hour of that.
don’t ask my what this pose is all about.
stork pose?

sand2 1256
getting ready to add mineral powder foundation for a matte finish. in the process of curling hair with hot rollers. i don’t have enough clippy things to hold the curlers in so i have to do it in sections.

sand2 1257
isn’t this exciting?

sand2 1258
this is what i did all day was get ready and then i probably just cleaned the house and took a nap. actually, that is what i did. not probably.

it was the only rainy day i’ve dealt with in quite some time. so i stayed in, mostly, other than doing laundry.

sand2 1288
wow, the eye-makeup is a big help.

sand2 1290
wow, i was being vain? or was i? yeah, i think so.

sand2 1291
a sheepish look. sometimes i have that bill cosby smirk. like the jello pudding pops.

well, folks. i’m as over this as you are. time to end it now. vanity post, OUT!



  1. Your Only Reader

    I think there’s a very good possibility that you’re the creepiest grandma ever.

    So then like my Geezer of the Week was like “Baby you need to show off your awesome boobies so all the dudes I work with at Taco Bell will be all DUDE your girlfriend is SO hot I’d totally hit that” and I’m all “OMG? cuz I bought those awesome stretched out camisole tops at the thrift store for a quarter? And if I put on my supes dupes padded bra it totes makes my boobs look BIGGER and the same size cuz one is low and crooked from my SCOLIOSIS? Anyway you are bugging me right now cuz I am curling my hair with these roller clip thingys and making a VIDEO!”

    • worldgoesround

      I only see my grandson about 1.5 times a year because I don’t have enough money to fly there any more than that, nor does my son have the money to fly to california.

      I am a modest person and dress modestly when I leave my dwelling place because I do not enjoy having random men check me out. I also think it is disrespectful to people in general to dress in a revealing way when you are just out doing normal stuff. Special events are different, somewhat… but I am aware of my age. thanks. Not that any of this deserves even slight acknowledgment but whatever. my tank top is from american apparel.

  2. Your Only Reader

    So then SEAN my BOYFRIEND was all “dude I tripped over that wine bottle you left on the floor next to the futon and totally fucked up my toe and I just need to get some space right now and process that?” And I was all “WHATEVER DUDE don’t let the door like hit you in the ass, k?” Becuz SRSLY? IDK! Like MEN, man!

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