let your smile shine

forget you…

yes, i know, we vain human are always going, “but i hate that picture of me” but sometimes it’s the only picture you got and it means something more than ‘everyone looks perfect’
if you know what i am saying.
we make do.

i look tired because i am tired.
drove over 500 miles in two days.

i beg your pardon, i never promised you a rose garden.

yes, i look kind of horrible in this photo. it was taken from a low angle. life goes on.

i recently ordered two hours worth of maid service to clean my apartment.
can’t wait. spring cleaning. yay.

i borrowed those earrings from my grandma.

we played ‘Don’t Wake Daddy’

and mousetrap. but that is just building the mouse trap and then playing with it. the game itself seems like it would be insanely complicated and drawn out to play.

sometimes you just have to go out and have fun and not worry about how bad for you all the stuff is you are eating.

and just take a break, quit worrying about every little thing, if only for an hour.

looking forward to reading this!
maybe i’ll start tonight.



  1. Siobhan

    Those pictures look like you’re having a great time! I think that I might need to order a maid service for a few hours too. Life’s too short!

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